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Customizable data model

The goal of Archipelago is not only to provide the user a unified view of existing ufological databases, but also to allow him/her to browse and manipulate a model that suit its own needs and constraints. For this reason the meta model can be user specific, or shared among multiple users/groups.

Data merging

When retrieving data from different sources, Archipelago can reach one of the following conclusions and actions :

Customized processes

The user must be able to apply its own processes to the data represented by the meta model. Such processes are typically tied to a given meta model and can be shared along with this model.


Archipelago allow users to retrieve data from existing data sources, but nothing prevent such sources to be other Archipelago servers. As a result, data can be shared between meta models that map one to each other.


The information must be displayed to the user as conveniently as possible. For this reason, Archipelago adapts its user interface to the user's language. Furthermore, it can try to display data contents using the most suitable langage for the user, when translations are available.

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